From the Whiteboard to the World.


We help you transform your ideas into products.


From napkin design to a working product. Every great product is born from an idea with great insight. We sit with you to understand the big picture, define reachable goals and set the best possible path for execution. Once we are in sync and the roadmap is settled we're ready for the next stage: design & development.

Design & Development

Using Agile, Lean, and Scrum methodologies we divide the execution roadmap into chunks. We design and develop through iterations in order to reach each goal. This way we make sure the product is what you need. Each iteration brings feedback and data to improve and validate.

Product & Launch

Once the roadmap is executed the Product is ready to launch. We can become your technical team so you can be confident that your product can handle the real world. Using state of the art technology and industry leading practices we scale and monitor each part of the service to deliver the best experience.


MVP Development

MVP is a concise summary of the smallest possible group of features that will work as a stand-alone product while still solving at least the “core” problem and demonstrating the product’s value. - Steve Blank

We help founders build a Minimum Viable Product. After identifying the underlying customer's need, we start prototyping in order to discover the simplest way to solve it.
Testing a functional solution on even a single user will teach you more than nothing. Whether this is a Web, Mobile or Hardware solution, we've got you covered.


iOS & Android Development

From an app that just records your water consumption to an app that connects with millions of users, we develop native apps that materialize your idea or takes your product to the next level.

Being the platform with the most engaged users makes sense to some products to start here.

Android is the world's most used platform. We can help you reach those users.

Most mobile apps require an additional layer (backend) to manage and sync the information across platforms. We can build that layer.

No matter if you choose one or both platforms, we will build your app using state-of-the-art technology so you can be sure your users will get the best experience.


Web App Development

The use of agile methodologies helps us ensure that the design, development, and deployment phases are going in the direction you need.

Web Apps work on any device with a web browser, so you and your users are not limited to choose any specific platform. This, combined with our experience in backend, frontend, and systems architecture, will give the product the performance and reliability you need.

Using modern front-end frameworks you can be sure your users will have the same experience in any major browser, and by integrating heavy-tested back-end frameworks, you can expect great performance and smooth scaling.


Hardware & IoT Prototypes

In order to mass produce a physical device, a prototyping stage should be considered.

Here at Cuatro, we can help you take a napkin sketch and transform it into a functional product. Once the design stage is finished, we start working on a functional prototype. This way you get a physical device to test and validate your assumptions.


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