This is Cuatro.

We ❤️ building things, experimenting, and learning.

We Embrace Challenge. We are Makers.

At Cuatro, we are all about creating innovative solutions for all kind of problems. We strive to build products that improve people's lives, change industries and create new markets.
We love to experiment. We're always building stuff to test new ideas, try new tech; But mainly, we aim to have fun 🤙.

Our Culture.

People First

Cuatro is only as strong as its people. We aim to build a team of smart and passionate members who can help each other grow and improve, not only in a technical way but also as human beings.

Never Stop Learning

We encourage each member to learn: get out of their comfort zone, listen to one another, and access new knowledge. Asking questions is our daily driver. When possible, we help cultivate our team’s passions and interests.

Quality Over Quantity

We like to keep it simple. We focus on one set of things at a time, so we deliver and ensure quality. Simple is better than Complex.


Roma Norte
Mexico City